In reading Legend of Ferox, there are terms both original and borrowed. If acquainted with the Monster Hunter video game series, monster names and weapon types will be familiar. This page serves as a quick reference for original terms found in the story.

Original Terms

Ungus – A small wooden plack that identifies the holder, usually carved by the holder themself. When presented to another hunter it is an invitation to Amnokno.

Amnokno – An ancient tradition of using a single night for two people to ‘walk’ together to resolve their differences or become closer in mind. What is said and done during amnokno cannot be held against the other person. When hunters adopted the tradition, they used a single hunt as their form of ‘walking’.

Spirit Song – the song that lives in every person and is often credited to why people get along or not.

Henosis – a relationship so deep that words may be unnecessary to understand one another. Similar to a soul mate, but not exclusive to romantic bonds.