Aspiring Hunter

Living in the wild for most of his life, Kid desires nothing more than to be a 'real' hunter. With nothing to his name, and no family to speak of, he survives by his own wit, and occasionally, the kindness of Trésor's community. However, the nomad in him drives him onward in search of something, or someone.



Seasoned Solitary Hunter

Huntress walks a solitary road, making permanent camp in a volcanic hermitage. Honing great hunter skills, she chooses to live in obscurity, abandoning a promising future. Never forgetting her long-standing quest, she lives almost outside of time, waiting for the moment of retribution. However, will it heal the hurt in her heart?



Retired Felyne Companion

Spending his retirement years in the service of the world's most renowned hunter, Nomad strives to perfect his art of healing. Once haunted by painful memories, he pushes forward to ensure his past will not be in vain or repeated. In the process of reaching his newfound goal, he aptly earned a moniker of the 'Best Felyne Healer'.



'Tamed' Zinogre

Found in a broken shock trap as a pup, Thunderclap was saved and adopted by Huntress. Though his first experience with humans left his body scarred, the relationship developed over many years made him loyal and obedient to his surrogate 'mother'. However, he remains a wild beast at heart and has a life in the wilderness.



Companion in Training

An adventurous spirit, Mugen lives in the wilderness amongst his kind near the volcanic region of Trésor. Surviving day to day despite the large monsters of the land, he contemplates other ways of life. But, not sure of what skills he himself possesses, or if the opportunity would ever arise, Mugen puts those thoughts out of his mind.



Master Blacksmith

Once celebrated as 'Master' traveling the world with his counterpart, Torsten eventually settled in the quiet, mountain town of Trésor. Old, and cantankerous, he spends his retirement years following his life-long passion for blacksmithing. He has a keen eye for all things metal and can tell a hunter's skill by the appearance of their weapon.




Orphaned at a young age with no other known family, Adira's life was abruptly uprooted when left at an overcrowded orphanage. Stuck in a hopeless place, her exuberant love of life and genuinely joyous smile catch the attention of a feisty orphan; one that will take her on an adventure of a lifetime. But, all adventures must come to an end sooner or later.



#1 Champion Hunter

Hunting for decades, Vojin stops at nothing to outdo his own past records. No other registered hunter can beat him, but even so, he pushes himself to the next level, chasing the shadow of someone who no longer exists. Driven by the past, obsessed by a lifelong goal, he wishes for nothing more than someone to take the title from him.



Mythical Hunter

An individual who made such a splash in the Association, generations later, hunters still speak her legend even after her mysterious disappearance. No one knows what happened to her, or even if she still lives, but those who witnessed her skills will never let her legend die; the legend of the fiery red-haired Ferox.


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