Chapter 1

Mostly forgotten on the mountain side lay the simple village of Trésor. There was nothing especially remarkable about Trésor, it did not export crops or ores. The villagers were content with living self sufficiently as generations had done before them. Neighboring villages often overlooked its existence, after all, there was no point in visiting a place that had nothing to offer and did not seek outside relations. Not to mention the trek to the village was not for the faint of heart. There was only one thing Trésor could boast about, and that was the strange variety of monsters that visited or made the land ‘home’. Trésor’s mountain range could also boast a single active volcano. Though it was far from the village, its existence invited monsters not commonly seen in the region.

Because of the unique layout of the land, once a year when spring ended, hunters would make the journey to Trésor for an unofficial hunting getaway. It became a friendly hunter competition that held no guild status and was only spread by word of mouth. Since the village was small, incoming hunters set up base camps all around it, and at the height of the event, would look like a small army had settled around the village.

Although Trésor was modest in size, it had its pride. Villagers worked hard to farm the land in order to survive through the harsh winters. The men and women were strong and thrived in their traditional ways. While drifters and visitors weren’t common, aside from the yearly hunter event, villagers still saw their share of transients. Everyone was welcomed in Trésor, at any time. Even though Trésor welcomed everyone, there was one vagrant who often came, worked, and left. He was only a boy, no older than ten. The villagers tried to coerce him to find a home within the safety of the community, but having grown up in nature, he refused their offers. The boy had lived in the wild for so long that he forgot his own name, and therefore answered to ‘Kid’.

There was only one man in the village that the boy developed an affinity towards, he was the village blacksmith, Torsten. Torsten was a grumpy old codger who bluntly spoke his mind. He talked of the ‘good ‘ol days’, in which things were generally ‘better’. Most people shrugged the old man’s rantings off, but Kid found him amusing and after months of persistence, became Torsten’s apprentice. It took a few years but much to Torsten’s reluctance, he developed a liking towards Kid.

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