Chapter 3

Even after Kid gratefully received his dual blades, he still helped Torsten reorganize after the hustle and bustle of the hunter event. Trésor slowly settled back into its regular routine and Torsten knew Kid would soon disappear into the wild. This time, however, he wondered if Kid would ever come back. Kid had his dual blades now, which he wore proudly, and would follow whatever path lead him to become a hunter himself. Despite knowing Kid would eventually leave, Torsten had grown very fond of him and already missed his company.

The closer it came for Kid to return to his home in nature, the quieter he got. Torsten knew the exact day Kid would say farewell because he barely spoke a single word.

“Hey Kid, you’d better take this with you when you leave.” Kid must have been deep in thought because Torsten’s words made him jump a bit. Torsten pulled out a small cart he had hidden. It was technically a felyne cart, but since Kid was small, it was a perfect size. The cart was like a hunter’s starter kit, among other items, it had a spit, some potions, rations, berries, and a variety of drinks.

Torsten smiled slightly, “The whole village pitched in to give you a farewell gift. I suppose the hunter event was good for something, eh? Otherwise it’d be hard to get some of this stuff up here.” He picked up a bag, “These’re some rarer ores, so use ’em wisely. Oh.” He picked up another bag, “and in here are some books on combos and monsters. Make sure you read up on all this! Item combinations are extremely vital in a hunter’s life, and knowing your monsters is half the battle.” He then put his hand on a large box, “And this one’s from me. It’s a few tools for upgrading your weapons. You still have a lot to learn if you wanted to become a blacksmith, but you have enough skills to get by. But this doesn’t give you an excuse to not come to me for all your crafting needs!” He laughed to himself, “However I’ll not do it for free, no sir-ree!”

Kid heard everything Torsten said, but his expression didn’t change. Torsten sighed heavily, “Look, I’m not terribly good at ‘goodbyes’ either, so let’s just leave it at ‘I’ll see you when I see you’.”

Kids eyes glistened over and he clenched his fists, he had rehearsed what he wanted to say to Torsten all day, but now that the time came he couldn’t get anything out. Instead, Kid nodded his head and wrapped his arms around Torsten. As unexpected as it was, Torsten hugged him back, “Aaah, shoot, you’re gonna make me cry too.”

Kid packed his bag, packed his new cart, and began his trek into the woods. He knew if he had stayed any longer he’d have a hard time leaving. So after he had taken quite a few steps he turned to Torsten and waved his hand furiously in the air and shouted at the top of his lungs, “Thank you!!! I’ll never forget Trésor’s kindness and I’ll make you all proud!” Torsten grinned, waving back at him, and watched as Kid disappeared into the trees.

Kid originated from a nomadic family but was orphaned and left to fend for himself and survive off the land since he was five. At the time he wasn’t alone, but after his Felyne companion died he aimlessly wandered the wilderness until he stumbled upon Trésor. While he loved Trésor and the villagers who all treated him kindly, the nomadic life was hard to shed. He knew the woods to the east of Trésor pretty well and had a few simple camps in multiple areas of the forest. But there were still many places to explore. To the north lay the cold mountain range, northeast the hot volcano, the southern swamps, and the far west rocky wastelands. Kid thought about where he wanted to start traveling as he made his way to his current campsite.

He called the site, ‘Treehut’, as it was a huge elder tree with roots that grew over large rocks, which made for a perfect natural enclosure. When Kid reached Treehut he excitedly began digging through bags to see what new inventory he had. It was more than enough for a beginner hunter, and had some materials only an experienced hunter could get. There was even a pouch for him to put his items in while on a hunt. Kid organized his inventory until nightfall, and then realized how hungry he was. He set up the fire and spit and decided he’d try his luck cooking meat on it. He put on his pouch and took up his blades and traveled a short distance to a herbivore breeding ground.

Kid returned with raw meats, not too many to waste, but enough to make mistakes on. After a few tries, he was able to get the timing right and was pleased with the ease of the spit’s ability to evenly cook the meats. As he ate he started looking through the books he’d been given; there were so many on all sorts of monsters. Kid was awestruck at some of the monsters he’d never heard of or seen before and bookmarked pages he wanted to read more on. Halfway through one of the combination books, he noticed a piece of paper that was out of place; it was a letter from Torsten.

“Hey-a Kid,

I know you are eager to find your footing as a hunter, but take heed to my words. Firstly, there really is an unknown monster that sleeps in the volcano. I know it’s kind of overused as a cautionary tale in these parts to scare little kids from wandering too far, but it exists and no one knows when it wakes or hunts. If you insist on visiting there, don’t go too deep.

Secondly, keep an eye out for a one-eyed deviljho that lives far north. He’s a savage one, so make sure you never cross paths. He seems to spring from nowhere at times.

And thirdly, if you ever see a zinogre with a scarred side and half a tail, do not engage. Just let him be and he should leave you alone. I repeat, do not brandish your weapons at him under any circumstance.

That’s pretty much all this old fart has to say. I know you’ll go there anyway, but I’d stay clear of the northeastern woods if I were you.

Be safe,

Kid rummaged through some monster books until he found a page on the deviljho. Just looking at it made his hairs stand on end. Kid wondered if this was the monster that’s roar he sometimes heard in the summer. ‘Ok, I’ll be sure to stay out of this one’s way…’ He then flipped to the zinogre and began reading up on it. ‘Hmm, thunder-based…looks so cool too.’ But Kid closed that book and went back to read some other bookmarked pages.

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