Every starry-eyed fledgling dreamt of being the next rising star. Many attempted to make their mark in the world of hunters, but only one rookie was truly considered the most famous hunter of her time. She was unlike the hunting world had ever seen. Despite an overabundance of swagger, she won crowds’ and hunters’ hearts with her skill, charisma, and foolhardy zeal. No one could dispute she would eventually become one of the guild’s top hunters, the debate was, would her dangerous, crowd-pleasing antics help or hinder her climb to the top. All eyes were on her; could she succeed at becoming the youngest top-tiered hunter ever? At the height of her popularity, with everything going for her, she vanished.

Her story continued to spread, well after her disappearance, which only added to her already impressive fame. The tragedy that led to her disappearance would act as a cautionary tale to future fledgling hunters and her name became legendary. Although her hunting career ended in devastation, the name ‘Ferox’ would forever be synonymous with ‘unparalleled’.

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